Making the move to agile service delivery methodology? 

The industry migration away from break/fix to true managed services is driving service desk operations towards increased automation and pre-emptive intervention as espoused by agile service delivery.

The world is changing and the success stories are changing with it. What has been a stable and repeatable operating model since the mid-1980s has been blown apart by the emergence of cloud computing, cloud service delivery, ransomware threats and corporate hacking. With the world now fully connected and cloud provision inherently reliable, the role of the MSP is shifting rapidly from maintenance technician to corporate process and information guardian.

This new world needs a different style of PSA tool containing a service desk delivering high levels of automation, intelligent routing, sophisticated notifications-driven workflows and repeatable pre-emptive processing. Agile service delivery ensures staff address interventions based on more than simple customer-priority-driven queues. This exciting world of knowledge—based staff empowerment is the way to succeed and grow in today’s increasingly virtual business climate.

What CloudBlue PSA does differently

CloudBlue PSA’s business architecture, un-encumbered by a mindset laden with 25 years of break/fix thinking, started from a different and unique position.CloudBlue PSA built a solution around contracts, the bedrock of any business and key to defining, supporting and invoicing cloud service provisioning.


With that as a foundation, it added a service desk that is bootstrapped to contracts, assets under management, flexible SLA definitions and powerful knowledge-base. Combine this with a rich notifications framework, WebHooks and APIs and the automation opportunities are endless.

CloudBlue PSA Agile Service Desk

   Why does Agile matter?

Today’s service desk environment needs dynamic rule-based ticket queues filled automatically from sophisticated routing rules. Personal queues that individuals can draw work from based on their expertise, rather than having to wait to be given tasks.

A world where improvements in process, checklists, workflow and ticket attributes can be easily updated to reflect knowledge gained and lessons learned.

A world where class problem prevention can be scheduled in bulk and with ease.

A world that CloudBlue PSA delivers.

Clean, quick, clear usability is key

CloudBlue PSA offers a usability journey that starts with customisable home-pages containing notifications and pinned cards, designed the way the user needs them, or via process-driven Kanban boards that provide at-a-glance status information across a range of logic-filtered tickets. Our ticket interface is clean, clear and click-friendly.

Direct contextual information at a glance, contract and SLA status, custom fields and path-based workflows driven by ticket types and status driven checklists make CloudBlue PSA’s ticket interface the cleanest and most information-rich environment available.

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10 key features that power your service desk effectiveness and efficiency

1. Unlimited ticket types, each with specific custom fields and workflows

2. Rich behavioural configuration by ticket type including auto-subscription rules

3. SLA monitoring and notifications with 3-tier SLA override capability, default, by contract, by asset

4. Full email threading with support for private/public comments and attached image rendering in ticket body

5. Configurable routing rules to auto-create and auto-assign inbound emails

6. Auto-deduplication with auto-subscription to working ticket

7. Fully integrated timer functionality, auto-start, pause and close with standard timesheet comment library

8. Ability to book expenses and direct (consumable) costs to tickets, travel time calculator for visit tickets

9. Configurable notifications driving WebHooks and APIs to create bespoke automations

10. Customer portal view displaying tickets, assets and knowledgebase articles

Customer group-based security model available, restricting data to those customers mapped to the users' teams. Extranet capability allows you to extend your service desk to your customers enabling them to use your instance of CloudBlue PSA as their internal helpdesk.

If open access to customer data is a concern within your organisation, data views can be restricted to only those employees that are in teams mapped to your customer groups. This not only allows different teams to focus on their own customers without having to filter out non-relevant tickets, it also means they can only see business undertaken by customers in those permissioned groups. This data-level security restriction, working in conjunction with normal view and functional security modelling with access to operations, is restricted by employee role.

CloudBlue PSA’s extranet capability enables you to provide a cloud service desk to your customers for their own internal use. With this licensing option, your customers can open and close tickets on your instance of the software without needing a license agreement or any set-up. At a point in the workflow, they can, if they need help, simply escalate the ticket to your staff by allocating it to one of your teams. The same ticket holds the whole path to resolution, saving the need for complex ticket to ticket synchronisation and confused email threads.