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Summary order and invoicing causing you headaches?

Solution sales require the ability to model many different components (with their correct account codes) on an order, but then hide that detail from the customer as a fixed-price job.

CloudBlue's “summarise as” documentation formats (whether on a quote, order or invoice) allow you to account for complex projects correctly while hiding all the detail from the customerwithout duplication or re-keying the same data over and over.

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CloudBlue PSA Summary order and invoicing causing you headaches?
CloudBlue PSA Full support for complex purchase order processing

Full support for complex purchase order processing

CloudBlue PSA’s one-to-many purchase order data model is perfect for value-added resellers.

A single CloudBlue PSA sales order line can directly relate to many purchase order lines (single supplier) and/or many Purchase Orders across multiple suppliers and currencies, with seamless base currency margin analysis.

You are truly unrestricted when it comes to the purchasing relationship between how you represent sales and how you purchase. Managing kitting and bundling (cross-purchase order assembly for sale) with ease.

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7 outstanding features CloudBlue PSA delivers for value-added resellers


Sell using upload-based cost-plus pricing

CloudBlue PSA's product configurator includes equipment views with pricing driven by supplier pricelists. Simply upload your supplier price and apply a margin.

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Automate long-form proposals

CloudBlue PSA's proposal functionality allows you to produce and publish long-form proposals with content driven by the products and product families you are quoting.

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Summary orders and quotes

Build summary quotes and orders

CloudBlue PSA allows you to build quotes at the detail level (cables, connectors etc) but then summarise on the quote/order, simplifying the customer view.

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Automated support contracts

Automate support contracts

CloudBlue PSA's product functionality allows you to apply support agreements at the purchase item level. So, once sold, you just switch on the support contract when required, and the modelling is all in place direct from the order.

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Integrated purchasing projects

Run projects with integrated purchasing

Need to model projects that combine time, subcontractors and equipment? CloudBlue PSA's project management area supports full purchase tracking.

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Matched-period accounting

Guarantee matched-period accounting

How do you ensure that fixed-price milestone billing links to purchase cost recognition? CloudBlue PSA knows and recommends the proportionate costs to apply, eliminating period profitability swings.

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Connected service desk

Connect contracts, assets and service desk

CloudBlue PSA's world-class service desk with tickets tied to contracts, assets and SLAs allows you to manage your support agreements and understand profitability easily.

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