Run your professional services business the way you want to with CloudBlue PSA

Want to run PRINCE2 compliant projects?

CloudBlue PSA’s project functionality contains integrated risk and issue tracking and reporting functionality which allows you to place all of this on-line and manage it alongside the project - using powerful Kanban views.

Convert risks to issues, relate either of these at the task level - then track progress on issues against dates. Without adding them to the plan. Our risk and issue modeling permits assignments, while our notification rules engine keeps all key stakeholders informed.

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Struggling to model your rate structures?

Struggling to model your rate structures?

CloudBlue PSA supports hourly and daily billing with sophisticated rounding rules. Rates can be related to tasks, people, activity types or time of day.

Timesheets can be released daily, weekly or monthly (part-week). And billing approval can be separated from time approval, or automated. Contractor self-billing is fully supported.

Have you got an awkward rate workaround? Contact us and see if we can kill it.

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7 reasons CloudBlue PSA will automate and power your services offering

order tracking

Fast sales and change order tracking

CloudBlue PSA’s close integration between the sales order process and projects means no rekeying, no mistakes. Plus, automated milestones ready for release and much more.

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time and materials

Combine time and materials and fixed price work

Some systems only support T&M, some only fixed price. We not only support both, we allow them to be combined on a single project.

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work in progress accounting

Operate using Work in Progress accounting

CloudBlue PSA’s accounting back-end delivers effortless and correctly accounted for WIP-based period P&L. With a fully integrated WIP process model.

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project expenses

Fully integrated multi-currency project expenses

Why use a disconnected expenses system and then have to re-key and scan receipts in your billing solution? CloudBlue PSA delivers this seamlessly with a single-click zip file of all receipts on the invoice.

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order flow

Budget to plan to control in one place

Orders flow naturally onto projects where they can be planned using dependencies and take in staff allocations. With dynamic rescheduling and allocation impact analysis.

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agile methodologies

Combine Agile with traditional methods

While the development team can run Agile, the overall project can incorporate more traditional methodologies. EV methodologies are fully supported including productivity measures against the plan.

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real-time profitability

Automated real-time project profitability

CloudBlue PSA’s customer- and project-level profit-trend graphs drill down to transaction level, to keep your project performance on track, with no additional work.

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