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Is all your support work covered by contract?

If you are running an independent service desk system, how do you ensure you are not providing support to users who are no longer paying?

Even if you have that problem nailed, do you know which customers are costing you money and how much? With CloudBlue PSA, profit trends by customer and contract are always available: accurate and delivered in real-time.

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CloudBlue PSA Is all your support work covered by contract?
CloudBlue PSA Eliminate up to 6 separate systems and save yourself money

Eliminate up to 6 separate systems and save yourself money

Software businesses traditionally use an internal system architecture known as best-of-breed. While this made data maintenance difficult, there really was no other choice.

But now all of this has changed.

CloudBlue PSA can replace up to 6 internal systems with a single integrated solution that also supports international operations and multi-currency use seamlessly. Don’t believe us? Check out our pricing versus what you are paying for your existing standalone systems today.

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7 outstanding features CloudBlue PSA delivers for software business

automate orders

Automate lead to order management

Turn an inbound enquiry directly into a lead and add it to your mail list with end-to-end automation. Easily execute orders containing full contract descriptions.

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project management

Integrate powerful project management

Integrate project management and agile processes with EV reporting and billing - all in a single solution. And all supported by real-time project profitability reporting.

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Control business complexity

CloudBlue PSA is a multi-brand and multi-legal entity system. As you grow and open new offices or launch new brands, don’t let your PSA solution hold you back.

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automate recurring invoicing

Automate recurring invoicing and deferred revenue

As you move into the cloud and your contracts become more dynamic, CloudBlue PSA’s billing engine and schedule-based, deferred-revenue automation become essential.

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service desk

Anchor your service desk in your contracts

Place your service desk at the heart of your business to help analyse your support or hosting agreements. CloudBlue PSA's no-compromise service desk will save you money and improve your response times.

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expland overseas

Expand overseas

CloudBlue PSA's inherently multi-currency structure and multi-culture build will ease your expansion into new international markets. Set-up reseller contracts correctly with our sophisticated counterparty model.

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save money

All for less money than best-of-breed

Integrating your entire business into a single platform could be expensive. But the best news is that buying CloudBlue PSA saves you money against a typical best-of-breed architecture.

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