CloudBlue PSA uniquely enables companies to manage time-based services delivered by their employees and streamline the procurement, provisioning and billing of technology products and cloud solutions.

While the key objective of professional services companies is always to leverage their expertise in a range of topics to the benefit of their customers, the manner in which this service is contracted and delivered varies dramatically across a range of company types, industries and operating models. A full service PSA solution like CloudBlue PSA therefore has to be able to model multiple complex billing contract types AND support the tracking of effort to deliver those services, whether through contract or project management. This is underpinned by a strong service desk offering able to support both incident and job management paradigms.

This is the key differentiator CloudBlue PSA delivers. Its product and contract-centric architecture allows you to develop (essentially) unlimited professional services offerings, while ensuring and maintaining clear views of delivery and profitability.


What business type are you?

What business type are you?

To help you navigate the jargon and terminology that various professional service automation offering use, we have developed a series of solutions pages by business type definition. These pages highlight the benefits of CloudBlue PSA‘s functionality as it relates to the needs of each type.  

The definitions below will help you identify which solution page is the best fit for you company.

In doing this, we acknowledge that many businesses, in particular in the technology services space, offer a range of services that cover more than one of these type definitions.

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Cloud Solution Providers

The emergence of cloud computing has driven the development of specialist companies to advise, design, deliver and maintain cloud computing environments for SMEs. In many ways, these companies are the natural evolution from the old managed services provider model.

Software Product Vendors

Companies that used to be called ISVs (independent software vendors). These companies sell business software along with implementation and support services.

Managed Services Providers

The industry that began in the 1980s supporting the computing needs of SMEs continues to evolve in response to cloud computing, increasing commoditisation of computing devices and cyber security threats. Differentiation is key to survival in this competitive space.

Value Added Resellers

Companies bundling their own services or features with products from manufacturers, then selling full solutions to end customers. 


This is by no means an exhaustive list of professional services business types.  However, it hopefully provides enough context for you to align your needs as a business with the range of functionality CloudBlue PSA offers.

Choice of emphasis

Depending on which type of professional services company you operate, the functionality you need can vary significantly.  To help you assessCloudBlue PSA vs other solutions on the market, we have created a solutions grid to help you focus your review and selection process.  This is colour coded by functional area of the solution illustrating the significance to each type of business.   

The colour key has the following meaning:


These areas that allow you to create significant service differentiation. They are the ones you will tailor specifically to your needs and so demand more investigation when deciding which solution to purchase

  Functionality that you will make extensive use of and so correct configuration and matching to your processes is key to making the most of your PSA tool. You need to ensure that these areas are workable and fully suit you needs
  Areas that are less important, tertiary in nature to your business where any missing functionality can probably be worked around without major loss of productivity
  Areas that you will probably not need given the scope and purpose of your business
Cloud Solutions Providers Software Product Vendors Software Development Consultants Managed Services Providers General Consulting Practices Specialist Certification Consultants Cybersecurity Consultants Planning and Environmental Consultants
Customisable Usability Features
Lead and Opportunity
Quote and Order Management
Contract Management
Service Desk
Job Management (Service Desk)
Asset Management
Project Management
Resource Management
Procurement Management
Time and Expenses
Invoicing and Payments
Balance Sheet Accounting