CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 is a solution that enables managed service providers (MSPs) to streamline their Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) practice while improving their partner status and unlocking value with your hyperscaler partner through vendors and Ingram Micro Cloud.


Sell more IaaS services in less time

Create and share opportunities directly with your hyperscaler partner and receive the required support to accelerate closure.


Streamline multi-cloud orchestration

Use a single dashboard for your hyperscaler applications, workload deployments, cost optimization data and well-architected reviews across any cloud stack.


Quickly expand your offerings

Build your offerings and operate at a faster pace with a full suite of hyperscaler products and services.


Increase your team’s expertise

Enable your employees to increase their hyperscaler knowledge, better prioritize leads and unlock profit.


Simplify billing processes

Leverage native billing reconciliation capabilities and consolidate billing sources in one place.


Manage operations with one solution

Gain consolidated access and a single-pane-of-glass view to manage hyperscaler assets in the cloud.

Are you ready to modernize and scale your IaaS practice with CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360?

It takes smart to create smart. CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 has extended capabilities made possible through built-in integrations with hyperscalers and several leading platforms in cloud operations management and training. Read on to learn more about the intelligent solutions that can be managed in one place with CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360:


Amazon Web Services

AWS provides on-demand, reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services and APIs on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. Their portfolio includes a combination of IaaS, PaaS and packaged SaaS offerings.


Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s public cloud platform that offers a large collection of services including PaaS, IaaS and managed database service capabilities.


Multi-Cloud Orchestrator

Multi-Cloud Orchestrator (MCO) introduces a management layer between your server infrastructure and the underlying hyperscaler (AWS and Azure) and makes managing your server infrastructure a breeze.

A multi-cloud management tool for MSPs of all sizes.

Choose to work with one cloud provider or many as you grow your IaaS practice and further support your customers with added value by building a diverse set of IaaS solutions and services.

Get support from the experts

CloudBlue can support you and your customers across a number of IaaS services. We specialize in programs and resources to support migration, architected reviews and security.


Frequently asked questions

Who is IaaS 360 for?

CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 is ideal for any service provider that has an IaaS practice or is looking to start one.

How is CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 different from CloudBlue PSA?

With CloudBlue PSA at its core, CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 is a new solution that provides dedicated IaaS management capabilities to help you operate at a faster pace, remove operational barriers and empower your team with enablement tools and resources.

How many users is it for?

The monthly fee for CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 includes access for 10 users. However, access for additional IaaS 360 users can be purchased.

How many customers can I manage using CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360?

There is no upper limit to the number of customers that can be managed. Being cloud based, the solution can scale and grow as your business grows.

Is CloudBlue IaaS 360 available in any country?

Yes, CloudBlue IaaS 360 is designed for global use and supports multiple languages, including English (US), Spanish and German.

Do I have to use all the features in CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360? If not, can I get a discount based on those I do not use?

No, you do not have to use all the features—partners will inevitably use more of some features than others. It’s not possible to unbundle the feature set within CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360.

Can I still use CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360 for my AWS or Azure business if it’s not purchased through Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace?

Yes, it can still be used if your AWS or Azure business is not purchased through Ingram Micro Cloud or Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.

How quickly does it take to get set up on CloudBlue PSA IaaS 360?

Set up is very simple and the implementation team can have you set up and running within 48 hours.

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