With three contract plans to suit your needs for CloudBlue PSA



  • Monthly flexibility
  • Monthly payments
  • Dedicated virtual machine
  • 3-level data backups
  • Fully scripted deployments
  • Centrally managed upgrades
  • Unlimited external users
  • Minimum order applies




Benchmark Price*


Per User/Month

Minimum 10 Users



  • Annual commitment
  • Annual payments
  • Operate your environment
  • Own your data
  • Remote managed deployment
  • Automated upgrades
  • Unlimited external users
  • Minimum order applies


* The benchmark is per user monthly price applying to annual SAAS contracts between 10 and 50 users sold in US$. Annual SaaS contracts are billed quarterly in advance.

Please make a price enquiry for:

GBP and Euro pricing (these will vary slightly due to exchange rate movements).
The premium applied to Monthly SAAS and On-Premise options.
Accounts outside this size range.
Multi-legal entity use (the benchmark price includes the first legal entity).
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Fast dedicated VMs eliminate resource contention

When provided on either SAAS basis, each customer gets their own powerful and dedicated VM and database instance improving your data security and allowing upgrades to be scheduled to suit your working hours.


Local hosting minimises WAN latency

Although CloudBlue PSA is a fast application that is built to minimise network loading, we aim to place the instance as close as possible to your site so that performance is not compromised by WAN latency. Our hosting providers have data centre options on a global basis allowing us to locate your instance in your region of operation. As a general rule, we aim to host in-country to ensure your data does not cross national borders.


Best value implementation package

Like all sophisticated software, CloudBlue PSA works best when correctly configured for your business. Each new instance of CloudBlue PSA is sold with a minimum implementation assistance pack. This is a commitment from us to help your implementation run smoothly. It provides a time allowance for us to train you, recommend configuration settings that suit your business, help you load your data and get you live quickly. Our implementation team will discuss your needs and concerns so that the budget can be used in a targeted manner.


Asked Questions

Do you support pre-pay?

We know that in the MSP world, getting the right prepay model working is key to business success. We have a world-class prepay offering that satisfies a huge range of requirements in this area. read more

What are the other benefits of CloudBlue PSA?


Build quality into your processes as early as possible read more

Make sure you are billing for everything you can. Are you providing services against lapsed contracts? read more

Do you need SOX Compliance to help win new business? read more

Simplify your support processes. Give your support staff an unparalleled view across the business by using a business-integrated ticketing system read more

Simplify data maintenance by having a single version of the truth read more

Easily be able to manage complex channel reseller arrangements read more

Keep a light touch with straight through processing read more

Time is money so waste as little of it as possible! read more

Specialised PSA features for System Integrators read more


Does CloudBlue PSA support resellers?

By allowing a separation between the business counterparty and the financial counterparty (for both sell and buy side behaviour), we are able to model even the most complex of deals and enable you to decide who to send the invoice to, who to raise the ticket against, who's asset it is. Plus you can sell via a VAR and direct to the same counterparty, you don't need fake accounts or duplicate accounts to achieve this read more

What is the business case for implementing a PSA tool?

PSA Software can quickly pay for itself. Read how here! read more

Are you considering writing your own PSA solution? read more

Technology companies have complex requirements. CloudBlue PSA provides the most complete solution to get control of your management reporting read more

CloudBlue PSA will improve your financial effectiveness and enable to you put in place repeatable business processes read more

Does CloudBlue PSA have a report showing customer profitability?

The holy grail of business analysis is client profitability reporting. How much money are you actually making from each of your client accounts? read more

CloudBlue PSA offers the ability to not only model back to back purchases at true cost, but automatically record the cost of time alongside the revenue each time booking earns. Combine this with an in-built pivot capability and you have all the customer contribution tools you need read more

When is the right time to implement a PSA solution?

Here we have outlined 5 key areas you need to get right in order to run a successful technology business read more

If you run a small to medium sized company with offices in more than one country it's a challenge. The SAAS market does not really support your type of business. CloudBlue PSA provides a solution that targets both global and local requirements which is very hard to find in SAAS PSA software for SME's: read more

CloudBlue PSA was written to solve the problem of software contracts and billing management in a flexible manner, and without the need for dedicated finance departments read more

What is the right functional footprint for a PSA tool?

CloudBlue PSA is the only PSA solution on the market that delivers the ability to model all your master data in a single non-modular system. With CloudBlue PSA you will never have to synchronise data across system ever again read more

Does CloudBlue PSA integrate with well-known accounting packages?

CloudBlue PSA has a direct API integration with many popular accounting software. See our Product page for more details of our integrations. read more

Does CloudBlue PSA integrate with any CRM system?

CloudBlue PSA contains its own CRM module that is a complete part of the sales execution process. You actually useCloudBlue PSA to make all your sales, and the data is automatically aligned because it just happens to be the same system. However, if you do want to integrate CloudBlue PSA with your existing CRM system, our open APIs and Zapier integration makes this a simple process read more

Is CloudBlue PSA complex to implement?

Implementing an all-in-one management system which will touch every part of your business is a daunting prospect. However, with careful planning, and the right support from your vendor, it is possible to make it a smooth transition from current systems read more

There are a number of common PSA implementation pitfalls which you should aim to avoid read more

How competitive is your pricing?

We believe our pricing to be the most competitive on the market for the software provided. As a benchmark - our per user price aligns with standard service desk software, meaning if you move from a system architecture that has a stand-alone service desk, you get all of the additional benefit of the other 14 functional areas for those users free of charge. Typically, you will pay less overall for CloudBlue PSA than other PSA offerings. And all this for a solution that is faster, has more functionality and a more modern architecture. It is also less cumbersome to implement and use.

What is your minimum order?

We have a minimum order that allows for up to 10 users to be created. However, this does not mean that we always start with 10 user companies. We have smaller businesses using CloudBlue PSA because (1) in spite of giving them more users than they need, we still often work out cheaper than our competitors; and (2) some companies need functionality onlyCloudBlue PSA has, and the benefits of usingCloudBlue PSA for those items is far cheaper than hiring people to do it. We do not recommend Harmony for start-ups however, it is more functionality than you can usefully deploy.

I’m just getting a new company off the ground, would CloudBlue PSA be a good choice for me?

Starting your own business is a very precious and exciting time, we wish you every success with your venture. All large companies start as small ones and there is nothing more satisfying than viewing a business you have created with your own hands. However, while it may seem logical to buy a system on day one so you get everything straight from the word go, CloudBlue PSA is probably not the right choice for this stage of your venture.

CloudBlue PSA was built to sort out business flows between departments where hand-offs get missed along with actual and opportunity revenue. This model, which correctly identifies the segregation of duties organisations demand, is simply unsuitable when you are wearing all the hats. We respectfully suggest you look to buy an easier and cheaper tool until business growth requires the greater visibility, complexity and automation that CloudBlue PSA delivers.

Who owns CloudBlue PSA?

CloudBlue PSA was formerly known as Harmony PSA. In March 2021, CloudBlue announced the acquisition of Harmony Business Systems Ltd, the company behind HarmonyPSA. In April 2021, CloudBlue changed HarmonyPSA’s name to CloudBlue PSA.

Does CloudBlue PSA fully integrate with Ingram Micro?

Yes. With CloudBlue PSA, you can choose to integrate (in a couple of clicks) with Ingram Micro’s e-commerce website and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace so you can seamlessly procure and provision any Ingram Micro product or solution—all in one place.


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