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Not all PSA software is built the same


At its heart, CloudBlue PSA is designed as an intelligent contract system. One that understands the revenue and costs associated with each and every action. This means your business runs more smoothly - and analysis of your business performance is automatic and always available. In real-time.

Born in the cloud, with a responsive user interface and a commercial model designed to future-proof your business, CloudBlue PSA is the next generation of PSA tool.


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K3 Syspro
ITSUS Consulting
Stenhouse Consulting
Ci2 Group
Unrivalled flexibility

The CloudBlue PSA Difference

Unrivalled flexibility


CloudBlue PSA is built with deep and unlimited configurability you can manage for yourself.

From process-driven Kanban boards you can build yourself, to a powerful date/time or event-driven system-wide notification rules engine; CloudBlue PSA is a system where you can model and support your business processes quickly and easily.

  • Amazing Integrations
  • Powerful Contract Management
  • No-compromise Service Desk
  • Customer Portal
  • Automatic Invoice- and Supplier Payment Line Generation
  • Reliable Finance Automation
  • Totally Configurable Asset Management
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