The Hidden ROI of Integrations: How CloudBlue PSA’s Integrations Help MSPs Better Service their Customers

    Written by Chris Pryor on 2022-01-31 Last updated 2022-07-27 - 5 minute read

Managed cloud services and cybersecurity have become increasingly important elements in the daily workload of managed service providers (MSPs), mainly thanks to the remote work revolution spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.  

This has prompted MSPs to resort to a multitude of disparate tools to service their clients, with our data showing that managed service businesses use an average of nine systems at the same time.

However, having to work with disjointed platforms to manage different business functions is not only a huge waste of time, energy and resources but also makes the MSP’s entire operation less efficient, less secure and more error-prone.

This is where professional services automation (PSA) solutions shine.

Many MSPs are aware of the obvious benefits that a modern, comprehensive PSA tool like CloudBlue PSA can provide, including streamlining billing and reconciliation processes or monitoring service desk and contract profitability in real time.

But a large number of them are unaware of the value of having a PSA tool that integrates well with the other systems they use on a daily basis, either via application programming interfaces (APIs) or special configurations.

In this article, we examine the value CloudBlue PSA’s integrations offer MSPs, helping them better service their end customers. 

1.CloudBlue PSA’s integrations allow for customization of PSA tools.

As MSPs continue to verticalize—either around a specific technology such as cloud services or cybersecurity, or around a specific industry such as retail or automotive—the tools they use to create a better experience for their customers become increasingly niche. So it is important for a PSA software to be able to integrate with and properly manage these specialized software for MSPs.

Using a powerful PSA solution that integrates with various other software solutions means MSPs effectively have the ability to customize their own PSA tool in a way that fits their specific needs.

For instance, CloudBlue PSA integrates with Acronis cybersecurity solutions, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure and billing services, RingCentral telephony platform, Microsoft Office productivity tools including Outlook and Exchange, and communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams and Gmail.  

After tailoring their PSA tool to the specific requirements of their business, it is important that MSPs go even further and customize their PSA tool at a departmental level to help boost productivity and efficiency for different teams within the organization.

For example, the finance department may look to integrate specific software—such as accounting and payments tools—into a PSA system, while the customer service department may want to integrate customer ticketing software, remote monitoring management (RMM) or reporting systems.

CloudBlue PSA enables customization of a PSA tool at the department level as well because it offers a wider range of integrations, including with Sage One, Intuit QuickBooks and Xero accounting platforms; BlueSnap and GoCardless payment services; Continuum, Ninja, Kaseya and N-able RMM tools; Power BI reporting services; HubSpot marketing software and N-able and Jira ticketing solutions.

With 20 current vendor integrations and 40 more in the pipeline for the coming year, CloudBlue PSA offers the flexibility to customize your PSA system how you need it.

2. CloudBlue PSA’s integrations are trustworthy.

Since its inception, CloudBlue has been providing cloud solutions for its clients. Over the years, the company has built its reputation as a trusted brand, garnering trust from leading cloud service providers and cybersecurity companies.

For instance, the integration of CloudBlue PSA with cybersecurity experts Acronis was spearheaded and built by the latter, highlighting the trust the company has in the PSA tool offered by CloudBlue.

CloudBlue PSA also actively seeks opportunities to enhance its interoperability with cloud service providers. The company recently announced it received its Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) certification, ensuring customers that CloudBlue PSA meets AWS’ high standards related to security, reliability and operational excellence.

This trust means that CloudBlue PSA customers who use these third-party software and services can feel comfortable that CloudBlue PSA has met the strictest guidelines to partner and integrate with their favorite cloud service and software providers.

3. CloudBlue PSA’s integrations can help MSPs defend against cyber vulnerabilities.

MSPs are prime targets for cybercriminals given that many businesses rely on them to remotely manage their operations. So it is paramount for managed service businesses to have security in mind at every turn to keep themselves and their clients safe.

Of course MSPs are aware of the leading cyber tools they can use to protect themselves and their customers, but they may not be aware of the security benefits that are inherent in integrating a PSA system.

A powerful PSA tool with integration capabilities helps MSPs collect and manage information from disparate systems all in one centralized pane of glass. This one-stop location reduces the risk of cyber vulnerabilities because it eliminates the need for using multiple servers and data storage points.

Another issue with having to flip between different software to manage operations is that it can lead to unperformed updates, and missed alerts and threats, which increases the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach.

CloudBlue PSA helps consolidate and centralize data from disparate systems into one secure place, and its integration with cybersecurity solutions means client data, applications and systems are always protected to the maximum extent possible.

What’s more, if a cybersecurity incident occurs, clients are notified through the CloudBlue PSA interface, which enables them to immediately address protection issues and bring data back online faster.

Automation and security artificial intelligence have shown to play a huge role in helping companies avoid the costs of cyberattacks. In fact, these technologies, when properly implemented, can save an enterprise up to $3.81 millionAnd this is significant considering that data breach costs went up from $3.86 million to $4.24 million from 2020 to 2021.

CloudBlue PSA: Simplifying management and providing peace of mind 

CloudBlue PSA and the many integrations that it offers can put the mind of MSPs at ease, saving them the hassle of switching between different software while shielding them and their clients from cyberattacks and generating an invaluable return on investment.

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About the Author: Chris Pryor is CloudBlue PSA's Partnership Marketing Manager. He has spent the last 20 years in a variety of marketing roles, including global corporate event marketing, incentive travel, commercial real estate, and cloud IT. Chris most recently oversaw the Ingram Micro Cloud UK team for the last two years after working there for three years. Chris is currently in charge of global campaigns for our CloudBlue PSA Integrations and IaaS Services' strategic vendors. Follow Chris Pryor on , LinkedIn or Website


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