Security Resilience: Adapting to the changing threat landscape

    Written by Max Feneck on 2021-11-05 Last updated 2022-07-27 - 2 minute read

In the current, ever-changing threat landscape, traditional IT security has been struggling to maintain a semblance of resilience. Security is now a cross-disciplinary discipline that calls for a holistic approach and incorporating automation processes can help organizations be more agile in their response to changing threat landscapes.

Monitoring the State of Security 

Today's security professionals have more capabilities at their disposal than ever before through advancements in technology to achieve well-rounded protection against cybersecurity threats. With the industry’s advanced control systems, along with effective communications and automation in place, both third-party vendors and collaboration efforts can be leveraged by IT professionals to provide maximum protection to the businesses they serve.

Reducing downtime costs  

You can minimize the amount of money spent on security by addressing preventive measures that lower your risk profile. You can do this with security measures that are in place in your environment already, or through consultation services with qualified partners for specific needs such as cloud security vendors or adoption of new technology, including professional automation platforms.

Leveraging professional services automation

With the help of professional services automation (PSA) software, you can easily reduce cost and time spent on routine and tedious tasks. PSA solutions that incorporate automation reduce administrative work and streamline processes using technology that’s highly scalable, agile, efficient and secure.

Turning to CloudBlue PSA to improve security resilience 

Look to bring together your stack of non-integrated endpoint solutions into one integrated solution and incorporate this with a PSA platform to help solve your clients’ cyber-protection challenges faster.

Now, it’s easier than ever to keep an eye on the data, applications and systems you protect for your clients while streamlining management, monitoring and ticketing—all through CloudBlue PSA and Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud.

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About the Author: Max Feneck is the Head of Global Alliances at CloudBlue PSA. He has spent the past 25 years working in the Cloud, Data Centre, and Managed Services arena. Max has worked for many prominent names in the industry and in the last decade has worked with many leading technology providers to deliver joint solutions that solve business problems for enterprise customers. Max has been accountable for over a billion dollars of revenue during this time. He is now looking to help solve the problems faced by Managed Service Providers through the use of better software and automation, helping those companies be more successful. Follow Max Feneck on , LinkedIn or Website

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