HarmonyPSA launches new Mobile Apps

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First-of-Their-Kind iOS and Android Apps Written Around Existing UI/Created Without Separate Code Equate to Superior Functionality that Mimics Harmony PSA on Mobile Devices

LONDON—January 21, 2020—HarmonyPSA, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud PSA software, today announced it has made available its new customer-centric PSA platform to licensed users of Harmony PSA as both iOS and Android applications, both available now and free of charge from the iTunes and Google Play stores. In an industry first, Harmony created the apps by “wrapping” them around its existing user interface, which means the apps offer largely the same comprehensive functionality as the Harmony PSA platform.

Android: Download from Google Play

iOS: Download from the Apple App Store

The company dedicated a significant number of developer hours to creating the mobile apps in an effort to underscore its commitment to offering its users a truly end-to-end PSA experience--and to greatly improve upon the PSA apps currently available. The new apps offer the entire task menu, from sales processes through approvals and access to all resources. Harmony simply translated its responsive UI application into a mobile application that greatly improves mobile usability, and focused on functionality on those aspects needed for mobile use.

“Because we have been able to build on our responsive architecture, we didn’t need to create a separate codebase,” said Steve Duckworth, CEO of Harmony Business Systems. “By incorporating the same underlying application, we’ve avoided the pitfalls of delivering a cut-down version of our software, and introducing new bugs. We’re proud that by building on our already-strong interface, Harmony PSA can offer far more functionality on the app than any other PSA currently supports.” 

While other PSA providers’ mobile apps have received poor performance scores by customers, Harmony PSA anticipates much more favorable reviews from its licensed users. In addition to offering full service desk support on the go, the Harmony PSA mobile apps provide sales capability, certain approval actions and access to assets and knowledge base articles, among other platform components. The apps will improve usability experience for both technicians and sales executives, ensuring they remain effective without needing access to a desk-top environment

“These new mobile apps are the next step in Harmony’s commitment to bringing automation and ease of use to every aspect of our customers’ business, Duckworth added. “By continually improving on our platform, and now making it available in iOS and Android app versions, we offer another way of allowing our customers to focus on more important aspects of their businesses--namely, running their businesses and taking care of their own customers.” 

The Harmony PSA mobile apps are available to a beta group now, with general availability expected in early February. Customers are required to use the latest version of Harmony PSA (V.4:20) to use the mobile apps.

About Harmony Business Systems 
Harmony Business Systems Ltd (HBS) is the company behind HarmonyPSA, the most complete cloud PSA software on the market.  Developed with functionality to cater for even the most complex needs of MSPs, VARs, ISVs and Professional Services organisations, HarmonyPSA truly is the next generation of PSA systems.  HBS is an independent company based in the UK. For the latest updates and news, follow HBS on twitter @#HarmonyPSA.


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