HarmonyPSA Combines Bulletproof Project/Resource Management Capabilities and Service Desk Within Newest Platform

    Written by CloudBlue PSA on 2020-12-01 Last updated 2021-03-31 - 2 minute read

New Features in V. 4.21 Allows MSPs to Seamlessly Manage Projects, Talent and Other Resources, Providing a Holistic View of Their Business

LONDON—December 1, 2020—HarmonyPSA, the industry’s most comprehensive cloud PSA software, today announced its latest software upgrade, version 4.21, which offers enhanced project and resource management capabilities. Added to its already-available market-leading internal service desk functionality, HarmonyPSA is the only PSA provider to offer a truly intentional version of these features on a single platform.

Rather than choose between a project-based PSA with no service desk or a service desk-based PSA offering weak project management, Harmony PSA has combined rich functionalities for each, offering solid workflows for incident, project, subscription and sales order-based delivery and billing processes.

Version 4.21 focuses on empowering MSPs with project and resource management tools, all designed to lessen the time and work involved with short and long-term project completion. Enhanced project tracking and planning, combined with project progress reporting capabilities, resource histograms to view a team’s availability and holistic task management across both projects and tickets

Version 4.21 also includes HarmonyPSA’s platform improvements from V. 4.20, which rolled out a long list of new and enhanced features and integrations. Most notable are its features that help track and manage employee skills and availability. Its skills modeling feature includes a skills matrix, which acts like a “heat map” to identify employee skill sets, and skills analysis that identifies a team’s gaps and vulnerabilities. It also features improved Gannt chart viewing and resource capacity capability.

“With every new version of HarmonyPSA, we further improve our end-to-end solution for MSPs who want to focus less on running their software and more on serving their customers,” said Steve Powell, co-founder and CTO, Harmony PSA. “We’ve now combined project and resource management seamlessly with service desk capabilities, removing several of the largest obstacles MSPs face and giving them a true holistic view across their business.”

Harmony PSA was the one of the first software makers to offer a built-in external service desk, in 2019, as a value-add to allow its partners to save their customers money and enrich their relationships with them. This service desk capability requires no additional software or even signing any forms; MSPs simply add permissions for external users and can immediately start using the partner’s Harmony instance as their internal and shared service desk.

About Harmony Business Systems

Harmony Business Systems Ltd (HBS) is the company behind HarmonyPSA, the most complete cloud PSA software on the market. Developed with functionality to cater for even the most complex needs of MSPs, VARs, ISVs and Professional Services organisations, HarmonyPSA truly is the next generation of PSA systems. HBS is an independent company based in the UK. For the latest updates and news, follow HBS on twitter @ #HarmonyPSA.


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