HarmonyPSA announces API integration with Ninja

    Written by Felix Ekman on 2017-12-20 Last updated 2021-04-07 - 1 minute read

We are pleased to announce full API integration with Ninja RMM. Our integration covers client account mapping, automatic asset discovery (into a staging list in Harmony to provide control over asset acceptance under contract) and automatic ticket open/close based on Ninja alert messages.

Ninja is a modern innovative platform that we found simple to integrate with using our configurable RMM API. To quote a testimonial from the Ninja website:

The team at NinjaRMM has built a solution that simplifies the RMM platform for technology providers with a modern approach. NinjaRMM is by far our best and leading solution loved by all of our clients.

As with other RMM ticket integrations, we can map a closure event to a fund creating the basis of event based billing without timesheet bookings. Used in this way, this enables your RMM solution to become a direct revenue generator.

“This is just one of the many RMM integrations provided by Harmony.  Check out the other integrations posts if Ninja is not the RMM you use."

Steve Duckworth, CEO



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HBS is an independent company based in the UK.

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