Feature Friday - Custom Domains

    Written by Steve Powell on 2020-10-16 Last updated 2020-10-16 - 1 minute read

Hi All

A new feature has been released in Harmony which we feel is probably worth highlighting.

When you first purchase your HarmonyPSA instance, you will notice that you are provided with a default url for your instance that is a subdomain of harmonypsa.

Well now you can change that in-app to your own domain, and Harmony will provision you and install an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt, and make all other necessary configuration changes automatically.

All you need to do first is make sure that you have created a DNS entry pointing to your Harmony instance for your new domain.  Harmony will check this is in place and propagated before it will allow you to make the change.

Be aware that once you have made this change, your instance will no longer be available on your old url!


The Harmony Team


About the Author: Steve Powell is the Product Owner of CloudBlue PSA. He has over 25 years of experience in software and IT, leading teams and striving to deliver solutions that make his users happy. In 2008 he made the leap from the banking and finance sector into the world of product development, driving the development of HarmonyPSA which was to become CloudBlue PSA. Follow Steve Powell on , LinkedIn or Website


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