Beyond The Break-Fix Model: The Redefined Role Of Modern MSPs

    Written by Alyssa Lahham on 2021-06-28 Last updated 2021-06-30 - 2 minute read

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) have come a long way from the break-fix model. Far beyond assisting clients on an as-needed basis, today’s rapid digital transformation has seen their role evolve into becoming proactive, far-sighted strategic partners.

What this game-changing evolution actually entails provides the inspiration for our most recent deep-dive report, “What’s Next for Managed Service Providers: The Making of the Modern MSP.”


More than just the “IT guys”

Over the past two decades, IT has gradually evolved from the break-fix, transaction-based service model to a managed service model where IT service providers take on a more active role in their customers’ success. 

Driven along the way by changing business buyer expectations, including the B2C buying experience transitioning into the B2B space, as well as the proliferation of cloud products and services and their subscription-based business models, IT services providers have transitioned from just being "IT guys" into trusted partners who are tasked with recommending technology solutions that solve real business issues.


A super-charged evolution

What’s more, the past year and ongoing pandemic have super-charged this evolution. A new remote work topology has driven up cloud adoption, with a burgeoning managed services market expected to reach $492 billion by 2027. However, competition is high and only the most elite providers are expected to capitalize on the opportunity. Experts predict that the top 20 percent of MSPs will command 80 percent of the market revenue gains during and after the pandemic.

The circumstances of the pandemic, and the forces that have reshaped the global IT software industry in its wake, have thus fast-tracked this natural selection for the channel, rapidly sifting out the service providers primed for success from those left to catch up. Those that will thrive are adapting now, and they are adapting to a new landscape in which they drive ecosystems and develop holistic, industry-specific solutions that are tailored to each end customer.

More and more, MSPs have had to assume a vastly transformed role, coming into their own as what we call the “modern MSP.”


The role of the modern MSP

The “modern MSP” will build their success based on customer experiences. Rather than merely providing adequate IT services upon request and putting out fires when they arise, the MSPs fittest for survival will anticipate customer pain points and proactively suggest holistic solutions. These modern MSPs will:

  • Become trusted partners with greater domain expertise in industry verticals.
  • Bundle a wider array of technologies by building, driving and being an ecosystem.
  • Undergo comprehensive digital transformation to automate critical functions, facilitate partnerships and scale.

One technology solution designed to help MSPs transform their business and advance in their ability to serve customers is CloudBlue PSA. As the next-generation professional services automation (PSA) software specifically targeted at MSPs operating in or moving to the cloud, CloudBlue PSA’s mission is to enable MSPs to modernize their businesses and achieve these goals.

To better understand how MSPs can evolve during this period of great change and unlock greater efficiency, cost savings and profitability, read our latest white paper, “What’s Next for Managed Service Providers: The Making of the Modern MSP.”


About the Author: As the Global Marketing Director for CloudBlue, Alyssa leads a growing marketing division to accelerate awareness and demand for CloudBlue PSA, Rev, Orchestrate and IaaS Services. She is responsible for leading go-to-market strategy, aligning with strategic partners, refreshing messaging, building product marketing and generating demand. In past roles within Ingram Micro, Alyssa built the CloudBlue brand and demand engine for Commerce and Connect from the ground up after several platform acquisitions, headed both the CloudBlue field marketing and sales development teams worldwide, built marketing and go-to-market teams through professional services engagements and led channel marketing programs at a global and regional level. Alyssa has an MBA with a Marketing emphasis from Chapman University and a BA in Communications from Cal State Fullerton. Follow Alyssa Lahham on , LinkedIn or Website


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