Automate and Save Time: What Does CloudBlue’s Acquisition of HarmonyPSA Mean for Our Channel Partners?

    Written by Rajesh Marar on 2021-05-25 Last updated 2022-07-27 - 4 minute read

To our partners who’ve asked for more services and support to transform and accelerate growth, we’ve heard your call.

As the world's leading provider of subscription, partner, and catalog management solutions for B2B ecosystems, CloudBlue not only aspires to help our partners scale their cloud businesses, but also to continue to provide the tools necessary to grow their organizations independently within any ecosystem.

For this very reason last year we acquired Harmony Business Systems, provider of the HarmonyPSA solution. The comprehensive PSA software completes our ability to deliver end-to-end channel management capabilities, with HarmonyPSA specifically focusing on revenue management. What’s more, the acquisition and integration dramatically cut down on the time and money our partners spend on tedious, channel revenue management processes, such as contract management, billing, ticketing, and customer relationship management (CRM).

By automating these essential yet time-consuming tasks, we’ll enable Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to scale their cloud services businesses more swiftly and efficiently.

This investment in the next-generation professional services automation (PSA) software paves the way for our partners to transform and grow their businesses faster and with less risk, empowering them with a host of capabilities:

  • A software purpose-built for services models, with contract profitability tracking as the core of the system, enabling cloud MSPs to operate from quote to cash - including billing automation and reconciliation, real-time profitability analysis, CRM and more - within a single interface.
  • Powerful sales lead generation and assisted sales.
  • Pre-built templates and services to launch premier vendor competency and incentive programs.
  • A robust catalog of services and delivery via Ingram Micro Online and Ingram Micro Cloud, 20+ additional integrations with other partners and more planned.
  • Advanced financing and billing models, including IaaS, HWaaS, subscription and consumption, and the ability to bill on behalf of, credit risk, accounts receivable (AR), and accounts payable (AP).
  • Easy integrations to leading customer support and network operations centers (NOC) for high-touch efforts of remote monitoring and management (RMM).
  • Enables geographic expansion with multi-currency, multi-language functionality plus VAT/tax regimes and local dates/decimal formatting.


Not All PSAs Are Built The Same

We’ve proved time and again that we’re very selective and strict in our business choices, and our recent investment was no exception. To be sure, we weren’t in the market for any old PSA system.

What really sets HarmonyPSA apart from the pack is that it’s one of the only purpose-built PSA systems on the market. Under the steady leadership of co-founder and CTO Steve Powell, the company has developed the most robust PSA offering that is capable of connecting to multiple marketplaces, not just marketplaces powered by CloudBlue.

The bottom line is, HarmonyPSA’s degree of process automation means that user intervention is only required to add value—not to administer.

The enterprise-wide platform offers a single interface for customers to conduct all of their professional services, without having to jump around to separate interfaces for different functions.

It also enables Ingram Micro channel partners to procure both IMonline products and Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace software and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions from a single point within HarmonyPSA, expediting the digital transformation of resellers and organizations and allowing them to seamlessly transition from a transactions model to a services model for their growing cloud businesses.

With the anything-as-a-service (XaaS) market set to triple in value over five years, these capabilities become absolutely essential. And with the pandemic accelerating digital transformation in industries across the globe, the fast-evolving sector is expected to reign post-COVID.


What Does The Future Hold?

The acquisition of HarmonyPSA is a pivotal milestone in the history of CloudBlue, as it furthers our mission of powering our distribution partners to become the MSP for MSPs.

In acquiring HarmonyPSA, we’re building the world’s most complete MSP tool kit that will include services and technologies. By completing our digital supply chain, the investment makes us the only company to provide every component of a complete technological ecosystem, plus the business process paths to create the largest services marketplace in the world. It also allows the flexibility to swiftly adjust to the dynamic needs of the industry.

We made the landmark decision to acquire HarmonyPSA because we understand that the time has never been better to make investments into the transformation of the cloud industry that will drive the organizations of today and tomorrow to truly thrive. And Harmony will continue to innovate and deliver groundbreaking software to enable channel partners to better scale and service their clientele.

We’re living in a year in which global end-user spending on public cloud services is estimated to grow 18.4% to total $304.9 billion – up from $257.5 billion in 2020 – and is forecasted to reach $927.51 billion by 2027.

We’re dedicated to pursuing our vision of delivering the best solutions in the cloud space, and we rely on the support of our channel partners to fulfill our ambitious, trend-setting growth plans.

Over its history, CloudBlue has invested in a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art technologies to help scale cloud services companies.

We use much of the same technology we invest in – so, when we offer it to our partners, we want them to know that it comes from a place of care, knowledge, and first-hand experience.

The HarmonyPSA acquisition is yet another example of this. And a very important one.


About the Author: Rajesh "Raj" Marar, Executive Director is responsible for business, technology strategy and sales growth for Harmony Business Systems, a CloudBlue Company. Raj joined the Ingram Cloud organization in 2017 as executive director for IaaS responsible for products and services. He launched an IaaS Center of Excellence (COE) for services to accelerate cloud adoption, migration and optimization at scale to help Ingram Micro achieve the Azure MSP Expert designation and to drive exponential growth for IaaS. Raj is an executive with 25 plus years of experience as a leader driving digital transformation. Prior to joining the Ingram Micro Cloud team, Raj worked for the Ingram Micro Global IS team where he had taken on roles with increasing responsibility over a ten-year span. He served as Executive Director for global platforms to lead an application modernization & data center virtualization, consolidation, automation and migration initiatives. He also led several major transformation initiatives for global ERP (SAP) deployment, Middleware, Partner Connectivity and E-commerce to help build a robust scalable & cost-effective platform to support innovation and growth. Follow Rajesh Marar on , LinkedIn or Website


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