What's the best PSA software to buy?

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What is the best PSA software you can buy if you run a small to medium sized company with offices in more than one country?

It’s a challenge, the SAAS market does not really support your type of business.  You will probably end up buying multiple local single country solutions and implementing a separate consolidation ledger and/or MIS platform to bring it all back-together.

Well, now there is a solution directly targeted at your needs; HarmonyPSA global enterprise. 

We already offered multi-entity and multi-currency support, but you needed a common accounting currency and that’s no use for global businesses.

Now we have the problem fixed and are pleased to be able to explain how we have done it.

The problem with small but global businesses is they need:

  • A global customer list that any country can sell to
  • A global project list that anyone employed in any country can work on
  • Global product definitions enabling simple product-level MIS by country and region
  • A global instance that enables people with the right permissions to view and act across many companies

Along with:

  • Local tax rules and invoicing at the legal entity level
  • Local employment terms
  • Simultaneous support for three currencies; (1) transaction, (2) accounting and (3) group consolidation
  • Interfaces to different accounting systems from a single instance


Automatic support for transfer pricing transactions, both time and expenses, in support of the accounting for global virtual teams

This fine balance of what is global and what is local is quite a trick and very hard to find in SAAS PSA software for SME’s.

Well, if this problem resonates with you, look no further, HarmonyPSA now supports all this, with a deceptively simple, clean interface that is device independent, so you can watch your entire global business operate on your mobile phone.

Harmony contains specific niche functionality designed to support technology businesses that have just gone global, but don’t have the deep pockets needed for traditional global enterprise software.  We even support multi-time-zone service desk operations, multi-culture browser settings and multi-lingual is just around the corner.

And the best thing is that Harmony global enterprise is the same per user cost as our existing version, you just pay a small additional price per legal entity making this a truly economical way to run a global operation.

We’d love to talk through your specific needs, just call us and we will be happy to explain how Harmony can be the platform for driving you global growth, a solution you will never grow out of. HarmonyPSA simply the best psa solutions on the market!

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